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Legend has it that Marco T hails from Pisa, a small community in Italy’s Tuscany Region known for their marginal architectural marvels and amazing pizzerias.  Born and bred to one day take over the family business, Marco T had a nose for the finest of ingredients.  It is rumored that he could tell you the difference between a San Marzano and a Roma tomato simply by smelling their seeds. For Marco, there was only one thing in life that mattered, to one day become the world’s most renowned pizzaiolo.  Toiling day and night for years, testing and tweaking, Marco had finally done it!  He had perfected the most amazing pizza this world has ever known. By the age of 12 it was said that the skilled artisan could be found running with the likes of Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroianni, and Guilietta Masina. His genius bordered on lunacy.

As news spread his fame grew to unimaginable heights. Soon, the fame would become too much for this young star, forcing him into hiding. Marco T never returned to the public eye causing rumors to spread like wildfire. 

Circa 1952 – San Felice Circeo | Only know photo of Marco T.

News outlets covered stories of supposed sightings from all over the world.  Some say Marco T overdosed on a concoction of olive oil and espresso, others claim he changed his name to Maurizio and moved to America.  As the years passed, the story of Marco T’s rise and fall become the stuff legends are made of.

The Legend of Marco T doesn’t end there though. In 2015, Mark Harlan had dreams of opening a small pizzeria to bring an authentic piece of Italy back to Anchorage, Alaska. Mark spent months trying to recreate the amazing texture, aroma, and flavor that he experienced during his travels to Italy. On one hot summer day in 2016, Mark opened the back door of his new pizzeria to cool the place down as he slid test pies into his wood fired oven. As Mark tended to his oven a man mysteriously appeared in the doorway. Without a word, he took to the kitchen and crafted the finest pizza the world has ever seen.  As the flour settled, Mark was awe in what he had just witnessed.  As the man finished he handed Mark a piece of paper, on it was his recipe, and without a word slipped out the back door. Mark called out to the man “Who are you?”, with a wink he replied “Sono il Pizzaiolo”.


A logistics manager for an oil and gas company is the last person you would expect to dream about creating a Pizzeria, nevertheless, Mark Harlan has been dreaming of doing exactly that since 2008. In 2008 Mark was sent to San Donato, Milan for training, a trip that would inspire a new career. On his first day, he went to a local family-owned pizzeria for lunch where he had his first authentic Italian pizza. So enthralled with the experience, Mark ate the entire pizza. He spent the rest of that day waiting to feel bloated and weighted down like when he ate pizza back home in Alaska. But he never did. Testing his luck, he returned to the pizzeria for dinner. After eating a caprese salad and another entire pizza, Mark decided to wander the Italian city. After walking a while, Mark noticed he still felt great despite having eaten so much. It occurred to Mark that there was something to this family-made thin crusted pizza with light toppings and fresh ingredients. 

The dream of having pizza like this back home in Alaska was formed. Throughout Mark’s trips to Italy he visited the restaurant many times and got to know the owners. Mark tried to convince them to develop a restaurant in Alaska but the endeavor was too complicated for the family. Not about to accept defeat, Mark decided he would just have to do it himself. Over the years, Mark shared the idea of opening up a pizzeria with his family and friends but soon Mark’s dream became an entire family’s ambition.

Proud Pizzeria Owner, Logistics Extraordinaire, & Man of the People!


Mark once dressed up as a matador and served "El Jamon", a Spanish Delicacy, to the Community of Nuiqusit!

In the winter of 2015, business in the oil industry had gone down and Mark realized it was the perfect time to open his own pizzeria. He looked at various properties for the new family business finally settling on their Fireweed location. Two of Mark’s children, Phoenix and Ethan, had restaurant experience so Mark put his son Ethan in charge of the kitchen; and his daughter Phoenix in charge of ensuring customers receive great service and enjoy a satisfactory experience. 

By the summer of 2016, Marco T’s Pizzeria was open for business making the same pizza Mark had fallen in love with eight years earlier.  Mark had succeeded in bringing a little slice of Italy back to Alaska. Mark and his family hope to become the ‘go to’ place in Alaska for authentic Italian pizza. Most importantly, the family is happy to share their love of Italy, their dream of this restaurant, and their favorite pizza with the community of Alaska.

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